What is MAP?

The Midwest Alliance of Progressives is an initiative of the Democratic Party of Evanston designed to identify, elect, and re-elect local, state, and national progressives in the Midwest through coordinated partnerships with other local Democratic parties in the region. Modeled after the mutual aid partnerships that exist between municipalities in times of crisis, MAP is a strategic network intended to share and deploy volunteers and resources to close and winnable races throughout the Midwest; it is an alliance of Democratic parties in a region that proved critical in the last election.

Why MAP?

Every election cycle, thousands of volunteers from DPOE spend hours canvassing, calling, and raising funds and awareness for national and regional races in the Midwest. In order to maximize these investments of time and resources, MAP will create a permanent system of cooperation among local Democratic parties to provide help and support for each other earlier in the eleciton process and for sustained periods of time.

Why Now?

The 2018 elections are right around the corner. It is essential that MAP is established and dedicated staff hired to oversee its successful implementation. Raising the funds to finance these positions is the next step in reaching this goal.

To help the DPOE and other Democratic parties in our region you can:

  • Give - Donate now so that we can hire MAP staff ASAP. Encourage others to do the same.
  • Share - Spread the word; tell your friends; post on your social media accounts; appeal to your networks. Help us engage as many like-minded people as possible so that we can put MAP into action.
  • Act - Stay up-to-date and involved in our efforts. Sign up, volunteer, be engaged.

You can download a PDF of this information by clicking here.

To make a contribution to this critical initiative, please click here.

What can you Do?