DPOE Endorsement Meeting


As the past three months have highlighted, what we do locally matters. In that spirit, the Democratic Party of Evanston Board of Directors called an endorsement meeting to decide if and whom the Democratic Party of Evanston should endorse in Evanston's municipal elections.

The endorsement meeting was held Sunday, February 19, 2017 at 4 p.m. at the Unitarian Church of Evanston.


At the meeting, candidates had a chance to speak briefly to our membership. Additionally, we asked all candidates to complete a questionnaire in advance of the meeting. We posted questionnaires online prior to the meeting and we had several hard copies available at the meeting. Our members decide our endorsement. If more than 2/3 of our members agree on a particular candidate, we endorse. 

The procedures and rules are simple:

1. All current members can vote – Anyone who lives in Evanston/Skokie School District 65, pays membership dues to the Democratic Party of Evanston, and is present at the endorsement meeting can vote. 

2. 66% is required to endorse – Each member will have one vote per office. Members can either vote for a candidate or vote for "no endorsement" for each contested race. 66% of the vote cast for that office is required to secure our endorsement.

3. We will publish the results – Regardless of the outcome, we post the results to our Facebook group and website.

Questionnaire and Results

Click here to see candidate responses to our questionnaire

Endorsement Meeting Results

The members of the Democratic Party of Evanston voted by wide margins to endorse the District 65 funding referendum (82%) and endorse Devon Reid, candidate for Evanston City Clerk (75%), at an endorsement meeting yesterday afternoon.

Voting members preferred Thomas M. Suffredin, candidate for 6th Ward Alderman (63%), Robin Rue, candidate for 5th Ward Alderman (59%), and Alderman Ann Rainey, candidate for re-election in the 8th Ward (51%), but none of the three reached the 66% required for an endorsement.

Our members were divided on the five-way mayoral race and the remaining aldermanic races, where there were no endorsements.

More than 200 people gathered for the meeting at the Unitarian Church of Evanston and more than 20 candidates addressed the membership.

As a party, we were proud to see every candidate commit to stand up to Bruce Rauner and Donald Trump’s agendas and keep Evanston a Sanctuary City even if it means losing federal funding. Candidates provided more information on their positions on liberal and progressive issues in responses to our candidate questionnaire. You can find the questionnaire on our website.

Members cast their votes as follows:

Mayor (No Endorsement)
Steve Hagerty: 38 votes
Brian Miller: 36 votes
Mark Tendam: 32 votes
Jeff Smith: 17 votes
Gary Gaspard: 2 votes
No Endorsement: 13 votes

Clerk (DPOE Endorses Devon Reid)
Devon Reid: 88 votes

Rodney Greene: 15 votes
No Endorsement: 14 votes

1st Ward Alderman (No Endorsement)
Lee Cabot: 41 votes
Judy Fiske: 39 votes
No Endorsement: 7 votes

3rd Ward Alderman (No Endorsement)
Alex Block: 43 votes
Alex Morgan: 31 votes
Melissa Wynne: 26 votes
No Endorsement: 5 votes

5th Ward Alderman (No Endorsement)
Robin Rue: 56 votes
Misty Witenberg: 11 votes
Carolyn Murray: 7 votes
Carlis Sutton: 7 votes
Daniel Featherson: 0 votes
No Endorsement: 13 votes

6th Ward Alderman (No Endorsement)
Thomas M. Suffredin: 63 votes
Virginia Mann: 28 votes
No Endorsement: 10 votes

8th Ward Alderman (No Endorsement)
Ann Rainey: 50 votes
Robert “Rob” Bady: 39 votes
No Endorsement: 9 votes

9th Ward Alderman (No Endorsement)
C. Shawn Jones: 42 votes
Cicley L. Fleming: 37 votes
No Endorsement: 9 votes

District 65 Funding Referendum (DPOE Endorses Support)
Support: 109 votes

Oppose: 12 votes
No Endorsement: 11 votes