About DPOE

The Democratic Party of Evanston is our local Democratic Party organization. Our purpose is to elect qualified Democratic candidates to office and to develop positions on issues. We promote Democratic political activity in Evanston and encourage broad participation of Evanston Democrats.

DPOE is made up of dues-paying members and volunteers. The organization is governed by a set of Bylaws, an elected Committeeman, a Board of Directors, and our Membership. The Committeeman and Board of Directors, being responsible to the Membership, oversees the activities and programs of the organization.

Below is information about the DPOE Bylaws and the current DPOE Board. Click here to learn more about DPOE committees and action groups or click here to become a member of the DPOE.



The Democratic Party of Evanston is governed by a set of Bylaws drafted and approved by the DPOE Membership. Click here to find the full text of the current DPOE Bylaws.


Board of Directors

Committeeman: Eamon Kelly
Deputy Committeeman: Janira Clark

Executive Committee:
Ginny Darakjian
Vice President: Alex Morgan
Secretary: Suzanne Calder
Treasurer: Dan Jordan

Committee Chairs:
Communications Committee:
Alex Morgan
Finance and Development Committee: Michelle Jordan
Issues Committee: Al Hofeld
Membership Committee: Terri Dubin and Amy Wilkinson
Nominations Committee: Givonna Long
Political Committee: Jim Hansen and Greg Andrus

Board Members At-Large:
Barb Cornew
Cam Davis
Givonna Long
Casey Nathan
Jane Neumann
Jabari Porter
Betsy Soete
Keith Terry
Amy Wilkinson

Do you know a good candidate for our Board of Directors? Do you have an interest in joining the Board? Click here to nominate someone you know!


Fair Economic Opportunity For All

In 2015, the DPOE Membership ratified a policy platform titled Fair Economic Opportunity For All. The document serves as a statement of DPOE values. Click here to find the full text of Fair Economic Opportunity For All.